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GreenLight Digital Pressure Testing Suite

Drilling oil and gas wells has the possibility of significant impacts to both the environment and rig personnel. The blowout preventer (BOP) is a critical piece of well control equipment designed to keep both the environment and personnel from harm. Both state and federal regulations reflect this by requiring strict testing BOP protocols be satisfied.

The GreenLight Application Suite is a set of software that aides operators in safely and objectively testing their BOP's and choke manifolds.   GreenLight saves time but more importantly is easy to use.

What is GreenLight?


The GreenLight Suite



Blueprint is a pallette-driven test planning tool that allows user to draw highly complex BOP and choke manifold designs with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Icons for components - valves, IBOPs, annulars, rams, etc. - are dropped onto a drawing region to create designs that can be tested.

Each test involves setting the state of each of these components; valves can be opened and closed, pumps can be turned-on, etc.
Intelligence and Performance
Real-Time Monitoring

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