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Ideas to Products

Hecate can take your idea from concept to prototype to a working product quickly, as demonstrated by our years of successful client interactions

Algorithm Development

Our team has experience in Physics and Computer Science enabling precise and valuable algorithm results

Remote Monitoring

We successfully deployed production software to monitor complex systems in real time with Cloud, mobile, and web technologies in highly regulated environments

System Integration

Hecate has years of experience integrating hardware with software to build a solution from sensor to a mobile or cloud based web application.

MISSION - To develop innovative, high-quality technical products while providing exceptional service to our clients.

Hecate is a technology and consulting company that specializes in developing high-quality custom software and hardware solutions in the engineering, scientific and research communities. Since our founding in 1984, we have worked closely with a variety of clients to develop a wide range of tools; from applications focused on the solution of proprietary problems to products which are now commercially available.

The expertise of Hecate extends well beyond that of the typical software company. In addition to a proven reputation in critical real-time processing and large-scale database management, our employees have experience in a range of industries including oil and gas, bio-technology and optical systems. Our long history of technology development in the oil and gas industry – which has included everything from pipe inspection software to programs for casing and tubing design – has included both office-time and time in the field, on-shore and off-shore. Further, we have proficiencies in the design and development of massively parallel processing systems for use in the most demanding real-time applications.

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