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Spectra For All

High Quality, declassified nuclide spectra acquired in one part of the world may not be available - especially not in a consistent fashion - in another part of the world. The lack of standardized sharing of spectra negatively impacts collaboration and slows growth of scientific fields around nuclide analysis including nuclide source activity as well as various and innovative types of shielding and detector usage.


Spectra For All (https://spectraforall.hecate.com) is a declassified open platform web application for sharing nuclide spectra around the world, both inside and outside the established scientific community, that Hecate has developed with IB3 Global Solutions.

The Spectra For All web application provides a variety of reporting tools for the spectra including sorting, exporting and more. All users can search for spectra given a set of filters in the web application.  The three levels of user in the application are:

  • User 
    • Anonymous or registered user that can submit a spectra with Source, Shielding and Detector details.
  • Administrator 
    • Field Expert or delegate that reviews spectra for completeness (i.e., Source, Shielding and Detector details). 
    • Approves spectra that will be made available for public consumption.
    • Rejects spectra than need additional information. Such spectra are sent back to the originating user if that user is registered. Rejected spectra are not made public.
  • Public 
    • Able to perform their own analyses on quality spectra reviewed by expert or delegate Administrators.


For more information, please contact Hecate Software via e-mail at Nick Mileson - nick.mileson@hecate.com or by calling (817) 921-2879.

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